Ken Matsuzaki

Ken Matsuzaki

Matsuzaki reflects a Japanese folk heritage to establish a new tradition

Ken Matsuzaki is a Tokyo-born artist who has exhibited globally, with collections in Japan, Israel, America, and the United Kingdom and is represented by Goldmark Gallery throughout Europe, including Great Britain.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Ken Matsuzakiʻs affinity for art & culture came through his familyʻs artisan roots. His high school teacher encouraged him to apply to study art in college, rather than agriculture, and in his last year, arranged to have Matsuzakiʻs science lessons swapped to art.

Matsuzaki went on to Tamagawa University College of Arts, majoring in ceramics. In his second year, he arranged to apprentice under master potter & National Living Treasure, Tatsuzo Shimaoka for three years once Matsuzaki left college. Subsequently, Matsuzaki, to further develop his own style, asked Shimaoka to apprentice for another two years.

Matsuzaki engages in the Mingei pottery tradition which considers the beauty of a piece is found in its use. With this grounding in Mingei, he has become a world-reknown for his individual style of glazing, influenced by the Oribe wares of Japanʻs Momoyma period (1568-1615).

Matsuzaki sets out to design his pots to “make people happy” and this philosophy has endeared him to his many enthusiasts, leading to his emergence as a leading figure in modern Japanese ceramics.

Matsuzaki is currently lives in Mashiko, Japan, an area whose style of ceramic artistry is known world-wide. He also is president of the Mashiko Pottersʻ Association.