Gerald Ben ceramics

Gerald Ben

Technical skills continually evolve through a remarkable design sense

Artist info:   Born and raised in Honolulu Gerald Ben was inspired in art through a high school ceramic class. While earning a degree in electronics and working as a production potter his interest continued to grow and led him to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In 1981, an opportunity arose for Ben to relocate to Kailua-Kona. Here his interest diverged into woodworking as he began apprenticing as a cabinet-maker. From this, he began honing his woodworking skills and an in-depth knowledge of wood. With this background, Ben has developed into an artistically skilled craftsman in fine furniture.

Hawaii, especially the Big Island of Hawaii, has provided the right environment for Ben’s creativity and styles. Whether it is in his, fine furniture, or his occasional sculpture, Ben’s works reflect a rich diversity of media and technical skills that has continually evolved. He has been featured in publications of “Ceramics Monthly,” “Hawaii Island Artists and Friends of the Arts,” the gallery column of “American Crafts,” and the current work gallery of “Fine Woodworking.” Ben’s artwork has been exhibited in Japan and throughout Hawaii. He has received the “Frank & Marie Baldwin Award” for his displayed piece in the “Hawaii Craftsmen” exhibition. The Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Contemporary Museum and the Gifu Prefecture Museum (Seki, Japan) have all acquired Ben’s work.

Sculpture & Ceramics

Gerald Ben, also recognized for his “master-potter” reputation, has been featured in trade publications such as Ceramics Monthly, American Crafts, & Fine Woodworking, to name a few. A custom woodworker for over 22 years, Gerald has attracted the eye of architects, interior designers, and discriminating homeowners for his expertise in designing works-of-art from wood, even incorporating some of his pottery into a furniture design! His talent for translating ideas into actual pieces of furnishings reflects both his design sense and flexibility in working with clients to fulfill their discerning taste for excellence.